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BrandQuantum is committed to helping companies deliver a consistent and secure brand experience across all communications . We believe that by integrating consistency and security into employee’s every day tools, it becomes part of the DNA of how they work. For this reason we created a brand consistency software suite that addresses many of the brand consistency and brand security challenges that companies face today.

BrandQuantum packages over 20 years of branding experience into software tools that integrate seamlessly into Microsoft Office. Our solutions empower employees to become brand ambassadors with easy and efficient access to branded documentation and communications that ensures your team are able to deliver a consistent brand experience at every customer touchpoint. Our added verification feature provides peace of mind that your communications are always secure.

Control quality.
Manage content.


To support our brand consistency software solution, we offer a full range of branding services. Our extensive experience in helping large scale organisations with brand revitalisation through to brand strategy development and brand architecture projects can help you position your brand to achieve business success.

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