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What’s the secret to today’s most successful companies?

They don’t just deliver great products and services; they deliver on their brand promise with a customer experience that is seamless, persuasive and delighting.

Brand consistency is critical for establishing your presence both externally as well as within your organisation. In today’s fragmented marketplace, there are increasing numbers of communication platforms to convey your brand message – making it even more difficult to remain consistent. From social networks to smartphones, apps and mobile websites the branding environment has fundamentally shifted.

To ensure all your stakeholders have a consistent experience of your brand you must deliver consistent brand experiences and cohesive messages across all touch points and communication platforms.



A 2012 international IDC survey found that information workers waste a significant amount of time each week dealing with a variety of challenges relating to working with documents.

The wasted time costs organisations an average of $19 732 per information worker per year – amounting to a loss of 21.3% in the organisation’s productivity.

A recent survey findings on workplace disorganisation indicate that while the annual cost of U.S. job-related inefficiency for full-time employees looking for misplaced items in the office tops $89 billion annually – the ramifications may go far beyond lost money. In fact, the recent survey responses of nearly 800 U.S. employees hints that the search for lost and misplaced materials – which accounts for nearly 38 hours, or approximately one work week annually, per employee – may have a profound secondary impact on professional perception, workplace productivity and organisational morale.

10 Hours
Creating documents
7 Hours
Gathering Information
5 Hours
Searching for Documents
4.5 Hours
Consolidating and Analysing Forms and Data
3.5 Hours
Pulling Info from Different Formats into Different Documents
2.5 Hours
Searching for but Not Finding the Right Documents


So, If you have 100 employees and each one spends a half hour each day looking for documents, this adds up to 50 wasted hours every day, 250 wasted hours each week, and more than 1,000 wasted hours each month. This is a significant amount of time that could otherwise be spent working on mission critical activities. –



In surveying 1000 middle managers of large companies in the U.S. and U.K., 59% miss important information almost every day because it exists within the company but they cannot find it.

Wall Street Journal, 5/14/

5% of all paper handled in businesses is lost, according the the Delphi Group, a Boston consultancy, and 30 percent of all employees’ time is spent trying to find lost documents.

Jane M. Von Bergen (Knight Ridder Newspapers),
The Boston Globe, 3/21/

Executives waste six weeks per year searching for lost documents.

Survey of 2,600 executives by Esselte,
Maker of
Pendaflex and Dymo,
Magazine, 8/2004

Organisations across the world spend millions each year creating and rejuvenating brands to ensure they capture the imagination of stakeholders while trying to create competitive advantage.

A critical component of brand management is ensuring the consistent application of the brand across every consumer touch-point.

Creating brands that resonate in the hearts and minds of clients, staff and stakeholders alike requires the delivery of a consistent brand experience across every single touch point.  Day-to-day documentation, in the form of letters, presentations, proposals, forms, internal communication, etc. is no exception.

BrandQuantum tackles this need for consistent documentation and retrieval through its unique Microsoft® Office-based interface, increasing efficiencies while at the same time maximising brand consistency and marketing efforts.

BrandQuantum enables centralised content management, creating fast and seamless access to relevant, up-to-date content for input into documents like proposals, PowerPoint presentation and company overviews that allows all users to consistently communicate the correct messages and content to the market.

8 Hour Day / 5 Day Work Week
Disorganised Organised
1/2 Hour 16 Days – Over 3 Weeks
1 Hour 32 Days – Over 6 Weeks
2 Hours 64 Days – Over 12 Weeks
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