Brand consistency is everyone’s responsibility

Branding is a long term investment. Often companies will invest money in creating a brand which differentiates it from similar offerings in the market and gives customers a sense of what they can expect when interacting with the company. Yet once the brand is established, companies often struggle to maintain a consistent brand experience at every interaction, particularly larger organisations where many people are responsible for engaging customers at various touchpoints. To overcome this, branding needs to be instilled into the hearts and minds of every employee and it cannot be the sole responsibly of a single department to ensure that every customer interaction delivers a consistent brand experience. It is only when every employee is empowered to deliver a consistent brand experience that the brand will be entrenched in the minds of the target audience and establish a foundation of trust.

The most successful companies in the world are brand led companies. They have invested significantly in developing their brand and ensure that every customer is aware of who they are and what they stand for. Every interaction with their customers is a consistent brand experience. This separates the strong brands from the rest as if they have a strong affinity to a brand, customers will be more forgiving and remain loyal due to the brand trust that has been built up over a long period of time.

However, while most companies understand the value of branding and delivering a consistent brand experience there are several reason why some companies fall short in delivery, these are:

  • Often they don’t realise that they aren’t delivering a consistent brand experience. In many instances they need to take stock of the brand experience they are delivering at every touchpoint to determine whether there are inconsistencies and identify what they are;
  • In most cases companies haven’t implemented the right systems to help ensure that they are delivering a consistent experience. More importantly staff aren’t empowered with the right tools to deliver a consistent brand experience;
  • Some companies misunderstand the importance of brand consistency work siloes where for example marketing is involved in pre-sales but aren’t involved in after sales service and they have no view of the whole value chain;
  • Often marketing departments hand over responsibility of marketing functions to the IT department as they require IT to ensure that the right branding is incorporated on all emails, PowerPoint slides and even the marketing collateral. As IT doesn’t have the expertise required to implement the correct brand standards, they implement logos or branding incorrectly.

To overcome this challenge companies should put steps in place to ensure that they are delivering a consistent brand experience at every single touchpoint with customers, these include implementing customer mapping exercises, conducting a gap analysis, establishing a clear brand position and brand standards etc. However, the most important issue is ensuring that all employees aware of the value of delivering a consistent brand experience. To achieve this it should be incorporated into employees KPI’s as if it is not measured, how important is it to the company?

While this may sound like a long process, the benefits will far outweigh the time and effort invested to ensure that you are delivering a consistent brand experience across the right channels. It is also critically important to provide every employee, or at least those engaging with customers regularly, with the right tools to empower them to deliver a consistent brand experience at every customer touchpoint.

From emails, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations through to customer forms, BrandQuantum has a software solution that can help your organisation deliver a consistent brand experience according to your brand guidelines. Email us  on for more information or to find out how our solutions can help your company to deliver a consistent brand experience after all consistency delivers brand growth.

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