BrandQuantum announces its new cloud-based solution for brand consistency

BrandQuantum today announced that its launching its new cloud-based software solution that is executed from a platform that is secure, accessible and easily available locally and globally. The solution assists companies with brand consistency and brand security.

Established by Paula Sartini, a well-recognised brand specialist and strategist, the company has developed a range of software solutions to help organisations overcome critical branding challenges and addresses security concerns that they face in today’s digital age.

According to Sartini, CEO at BrandQuantum, “Having worked in the branding arena for over two decades, my experience suggests that our software solutions empowers staff to become brand ambassadors and improve on brand security and efficiencies. In today’s digital age brand consistency is even more vital than before, as customers are exposed to an array of messages from external and internal sources of a brand”.

According to research conducted by McKinsey and Company1 brand consistency throughout the customer journey, which is defined as every interaction a customer has with a company, has the potential to increase customer satisfaction by 20%, increase revenue by up to 15% and lower the cost of serving customers by as much as 20%.

To achieve brand consistency and brand security, companies need to deliver a consistent look, feel, tone and vocabulary at every interaction with its customers. This means that branding becomes a company issue led by its leadership and management.

Sartini explains further that, “Sales staff, for example, disseminate company materials such as sales packs, letters on company letterheads and even emails to existing and potential customers, usually in response to a request for more information. Our software solution allows for staff and client (and vice versa) to experience the right branding material and to deliver consistent brand communication. The time taken to find the right materials can impact on efficiencies and lost opportunities, resulting in an effect on the financial health of the company, its security and integrity.

“Our software solution does not only rely on visual consistency but also incorporates issues of brand governance and risk”.

The costs associated with amongst others, incorrect statutory information, incorrect terms and conditions, outdated or misleading content is not just that of lost sales but rather has a very serious bearing on an organisation’s overall business compliance. Constant changes in legislation, such as POPI, CPA, etc. require an organisation to not only be brand and business compliant but also to be able to deal with these changes in real time on an ongoing basis.

BrandQuantum’s Chairman, Tony Ruiters says “With BrandQuantum’s software suite companies have access to the tools needed to deliver consistent brand experiences easily and securely, empowering each employee to interact consistently with customers”.

BrandQuantum has developed BrandOffice® which is a cloud based add-on application for documents created within the Microsoft Office suite (MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint) that ensures that all branding, formatting and corporate identity specifications are automatically applied uniformly across all business documents. In addition, BrandOffice® addresses business compliance and risk issues and ensures all employees within an organisation work efficiently and effectively and produce brand and business compliant communications and content, no matter where in the world they may be.

“Companies cannot afford to overlook brand consistency, particularly in the competitive environment we are working in today,” adds Sartini. “Brand consistency matters because it drives business growth and with added security tools to ensure the brand cannot be tampered with, it is a critical tool for businesses that are looking to deliver the best brand experience to their customers over and over again.”

About BrandQuantum:

BrandQuantum is a new South African company and its software solutions are available to companies worldwide. It assists companies to overcome the challenges they face in today’s digital age, with brand consistency and security. The company offers a range of software solutions including BrandOffice, BrandMail, and BrandForms. BrandQuantum is a BEE Level 1 contributor.

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05 APRIL 2017


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