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BrandQuantum today announced the launch of BrandMail, its latest cloud-based software solution that will help companies to deliver consistent brand experiences across all email communications. BrandMail is a platform that links to the broader BrandQuantum ecosystem and standardises email branding across entire organisations, providing tamper-proof email signatures, predeveloped content and hyperlinked banners to deliver consistently branded emails across all devices.

According to Paula Sartini, founder and CEO of BrandQuantum, “Email is still the most widely used communication tool, this is supported by research findings that reveal the average office worker receives approximately 121 emails daily[1].  Every email provides an opportunity for companies to build their brand and promote offerings that are relevant to the target audience, however, in many instances employees personalise emails with strange fonts, irrelevant signatures and slogans and send content that may not be relevant to the recipient.”

BrandMail aims to help companies overcome this challenge. The cloud-based software delivers a myriad of solutions that link to the BrandQuantum ecosystem and mines relevant data to automate repetitive tasks while adding an additional layer of security to emails with tamper proof email signatures. The email signatures are specifically designed according to the company brand and carry designs with non-Windows fonts to ensure every email represents the brand. Any central changes that are made to email signatures are implemented immediately across the organisation across all internal and external communications.

Another key feature of BrandMail is the BrandMe page which is an intelligent email signature solution that acts as a verification tool for recipients and provides greater transparency about the sender while is also links to social media platforms and Google maps to provide recipients with easy access to company details. The data from the BrandMe signature is device agnostic and can be used on multiple versions of Outlook as well as downloaded to PC, Android and Apple OS phones to ensure recipients can view the email signature and deliver a consistent brand experience.

More than this the data collected from the BrandMe email signatures is fed into the digital Business Card Generator tool which ensures that the information on email signatures aligns to the information on business cards. By simply automating this repetitive task, the marketing department is freed up to spend more time adding strategic value to the organisation rather than focusing on data gathering and business card approvals.

“With our ecosystem, repetitive tasks are automated throughout the customer experience to allow the marketing department to provide a strategic contribution to the business rather than act as the brand police,” adds Sartini. “We are at the forefront of a technology solution that will provide a real return on investment to organisations of all sizes.”

At the core BrandMail, a cloud-based add-on to Microsoft Outlook, enables employees to deliver a consistent brand experience using the software they are accustomed to using daily and provides several branding benefits to the company. However, the platform also combines the data that companies have been collecting for years and delivers a pattern recognition solution that enables more personalised and targeted correspondence with customers to further enhance the customer experience. Further, the solution has a built in audit trail which allows marketing departments to effectively measure the success of campaigns and determine the return on their investment.

With the built-in email banner creation tool marketing departments have the power to make immediate changes to banners without the need to engage design teams. This makes campaigns more relevant as they can be updated as soon as offers are introduced.

“Branding is no longer the sole responsibility of the marketing department, as customers interact with companies at various touchpoints using email as a primary communication tool,” says Sartini. “Our solutions have been designed specifically to help companies deliver a consistent brand experience at every customer touchpoint while improving employee efficiencies and enhancing the customer experience in an effort to contribute to the financial success of the company.”

BrandQuantum aims to assist companies to deliver consistent brand experiences across every customer touchpoint by providing an ecosystem which will align all company documentation, email communications and even on screen experiences to ensure the right brand experience is delivered to every customer every time. With BrandMail, every single email is on brand from the visual design through to the fonts, colours and even the brand voice of the content communicated to customers.

“Brand consistency is a critical component to driving business growth and with the right tools, every organisation is able to maximise the opportunities to deliver the best brand experience with every customer in every interaction,” concludes Sartini.

 About BrandQuantum:

BrandQuantum is a South African company and its software solutions are available to companies worldwide.  It assists companies to overcome the challenges they face in today’s digital age, with brand consistency and security. The company offers a range of software solutions including BrandOffice, BrandMail, and BrandForms.

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