Our products have been created with your
brand consistency and challenges in mind


We understand that your brand is unique. You need to deliver tailored and consistent communication at every interaction with your customers. Our solutions have been developed with your needs in mind.


Automated branding for documents.
One toolbar.
Complete brand consistency.

BrandOffice® is an add-on application for documents created within the MS Office suite (MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint) that ensures that all branding, formatting and corporate identity specifications are automatically applied uniformly across all business documents. In addition, BrandOffice® addresses business compliance and risk issues and ensures all employees within an organisation work efficiently and effectively and produce brand and business compliant communications and content, no matter where in the world, they may be.


Email branding, signatures & content aligned. One toolbar.
Complete brand consistency.

 BrandMail® is an add-on application for emails created using MS Outlook. With BrandMail® you are assured that all emails follow a standardised format and signatures are consistent across the entire organization. BQBrandMe® which is built into the BrandMail offering, will give you peace of mind that the emails can be easily verified to prevent fraudulent emails being sent on behalf of the company. With standard email templates and pre-approved content developed for specific types of communication, all emails are sent according to a consistent brand voice and using the correct brand standards to deliver a consistent brand experience every time.


Automated formatting for your forms.
One toolbar.
Complete brand consistency.

BrandForms® is an add-on application for MS Word that allows you to create, update, change and easily extract data across multiple forms in real time. In addition, with BrandForms® you are able to carry the brand experience through to your various forms and extending the brand experience to one of the most critical points of the employee engagement process, where the customer will be signing on the dotted line. With our forms solution, you will reinforce the brand, enhance the customer experience and drive brand consistency across every form within the organisation.

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