BrandQuantum launches BrandMail Rate My Service and Animated Surveys

17.11.2021 11:40 PM By BrandQuantum
BrandQuantum launches BrandMail Rate My Service and Animated Surveys

Gather instant customer feedback along the customer journey from within every email

BrandQuantum today announced the launch of BrandMail Rate My Service and Animated Surveys, service rating features that are embedded within employee email signatures. These new offerings allow customers to rate the customer service they have received immediately from within emails sent from employees. BrandMail helps companies to deliver consistent email experiences with centrally managed, tamperproof email signatures that provide verification functionality and other features including email banners, campaigns, and a business card generator. 

“Customer service has always been an important differentiator for brands and in today’s competitive market, companies are no longer competing against the service delivered by competitors but rather against the best experiences customers have received from companies in other industries too,” says Paula Sartini, founder, and CEO at BrandQuantum. “In addition to this, tighter regulations are being placed on companies, such as the Treat your Customer Fairly (TCF) Act, that urge companies to track their service levels and measure their customer service on an ongoing basis. This is good news for the consumer.”

Customer service impacts directly on a company’s success. This is supported by findings from a Zendesk [1] study which found that 66% of B2B and 52% of B2C customers stopped buying from a brand after they experienced bad customer service. However, according to the PWC Experience is everything: Here’s how to get it right [2] report, 54% of U.S. consumers say customer experience needs to be improved at most companies.

While most companies are aware of the benefit of customer service delivery, regulations have also been put in place to ensure that companies are meeting basic requirements in terms of customer service. This is particularly true for the financial services industry which is required to adhere to the TCF Act which outlines specific outcomes aligned to six key principles in terms of dealing with customers. These are Culture and Governance, Product Suitability, Disclosure, Suitable Advice, Performance and Service in line with Expectations, Claims, Complaints and Changes.

BrandMail’s Rate My Service and Animated Survey features, allow companies to include customer service ratings as part of the employee’s tamperproof email signature. Questions can be tailored according to specific departments or industries to measure customer satisfaction in every email sent. As emails are usually sent throughout the buying cycle of the customer journey, companies can gather real-time feedback on customer service rather than at the end of the buying cycle when companies close the feedback loop. There is great value in gathering immediate customer feedback throughout the buying cycle including measuring and evaluating customer loyalty, further, according to the Microsoft 2017 State of global customer service report [1], 77% of customers favour brands that ask for feedback.

According to Zendesk, customers are most likely to review customer service levels by telephone and email before moving to social media or live chat channels. By providing the built-in feature to review customer satisfaction levels via email directly after your customer interaction, customers are more likely to provide service input alerting companies to poor customer service experiences immediately and enabling them to manage the process before it spirals out of control.

In addition to measuring customer satisfaction levels, as the BrandMail Rate My Service and Animated Surveys are linked directly to each employee’s email signature, it helps companies to measure employee performance based on real-time customer feedback and can be useful for employee assessments. This is particularly useful for call centre agents who follow up with customers via email to receive instant feedback on the customer service they have delivered via their email signature.

Bridging the gap between customer experience and data will help set companies apart from their competition [2]. The BrandMail Rate My Service and Animated Surveys features link to BrandInsight from BrandQuantum which provides detailed analytics to address Net Promoter Score (NPS) and enables companies to combine customer experience and data to address possible issues in service delivery as well as to make informed business decisions based on customer experiences and expectations.

BrandMail Rate My Service and BrandMail Animated Surveys have been developed by BrandQuantum using the BrandQuantum platform and adhering to the company’s stringent security standards to apply the survey directly during the drafting of emails. This means there are no 3rd party tools used to gather data and all company and customer data are secure, aiding companies to adhere to data privacy regulations such as GDPR and POPIA. Both BrandMail Rate My Service and BrandMail Animated Surveys are available to all BrandMail customers.