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05.11.2022 10:25 PM By BrandQuantum
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BrandOffice and BrandMail new releases for even greater brand consistency

BrandQuantum has today announced the latest updates to its BrandOffice and BrandMail software solutions that help companies to deliver brand consistency across Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook as well as web-hosted email offerings such as Gmail. 

Since its inception, BrandQuantum has worked closely with its customers to help them overcome some of their key branding challenges and pain points to meet their specific needs. As businesses and technologies are evolving, BrandQuantum has been developing its software solutions to add new features that will help ease the process of delivering brand consistency using BrandOffice and BrandMail.

According to Paula Sartini, founder and CEO at BrandQuantum, “We are thrilled to be introducing new features to our BrandOffice and BrandMail software solutions. We have been working closely with our customers to develop these new features to address some of the key branding pain points they have shared with us and believe these changes will make a big difference to our users.”

“The latest features not only aim to enhance the user experience with improved speeds but also give users peace of mind with a new encryption layer the new offering provides increased security to users,” adds Sartini.

Some of the latest features include:

BrandMail mail campaign

With BrandMail’s new Mail Campaign tool companies can now create content for newsletters or mass emails without jeopardising customer details or privacy policies. With BrandMail all customer data remains confidential as there is no need to upload recipient details to a third-party tool. The content insert and shared mailbox enhancements allow for a fast, user-friendly experience with newsletters received as they appear on the sender’s side.

BrandMail social media banners

With the rise in social media usage, companies want to drive customers to their social media pages. With BrandMail’s Social Media Banner, companies can select the platform they wish to promote and display its details as a banner on the email. Companies can rotate up to five different banners to create awareness of and drive traffic to their various social media pages.

BrandMe page rotational banners

The popular digital business card, BrandMe Pages, which have traditionally carried a company image, can now be updated to run banner campaigns. 

BrandOffice brand data

BrandOffice users now have access to a Brand Data Button from within the BrandOffice menu that allows them to create an agenda slide within PowerPoint using the information included in the presentation. The Brand Data button also allows for data links to be pasted from Excel to PowerPoint as branded graphs. Waterfall charts can also be added to display in brand colours.

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