BrandQuantum wins Best International Cloud-Based Brand Consistency Platform in Africa

05.10.2021 02:44 PM By BrandQuantum
BrandQuantum Wins MEA Markets African Excellence Awards

BrandQuantum has been named Best International Cloud-Based Brand Consistency Platform and received the Customer Service Excellence Award in the 2021 MEA Markets African Excellence Awards. The MEA Market Awards recognise entrepreneurs, innovative professionals and industry leaders from a variety of sectors across the African continent.

BrandQuantum has developed a brand consistency platform that delivers a cloud-based, secure and modular platform to help companies to manage their brands, deliver consistent brand experiences and help establish customer trust with easy-to-use software solutions.

According to Paula Sartini, founder and CEO at BrandQuantum, “We are delighted to be recognised by the MEA Markets African Excellence Awards for our cloud-based brand consistency software platform and customer service. We are committed to helping our customers solve their branding challenges with easy-to-use software solutions that deliver a consistent experience while adhering to privacy policies such as GDPR and POPIA.”

BrandMail, the email branding software solution developed by BrandQuantum, seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook to deliver consistently branded emails via a single toolbar across an entire organisation. This includes professionally designed email signatures that link to a digital business card called a BrandMe Page which acts as a verification tool to ensure emails are authentic, email banners that can be edited centrally to align with new campaigns and Rate My Service which allows customers to provide immediate feedback on the customer experience.

BrandOffice is BrandQuantum’s software offering that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office to empower every employee across an organisation to deliver brand consistency in all documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The solution gives employees easy access to templates and content through BrandOffice toolbars inside Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and permission-based access to documents to ensure only employees that need access can access certain documentation and templates.

In addition to being able to centrally manage brand standards such as fonts and colours, BrandOffice provides added security features such as content locking for specific content parts as well as expiry dates, audit logs and content owners to ensure brand governance and compliance across the organisation. At the same time, BrandMail has been designed with segmentation of risk to ensure that all customer data is protected at all times and there is no need for emails to be rerouted for the branding elements to be applied which means that what the sender sees, the recipient sees, maintaining the sanctity of the email.

“At BrandQuantum, we work closely with our customers to learn more about the challenges they are facing and develop solutions to help make a difference to their business,” concludes Sartini. “We believe that for technology to make a difference it needs to be easy to use and solve a real challenge and our cloud-based software solutions have been designed specifically with this in mind.”