Employer branding made easy with BrandMail

05.11.2022 09:13 PM By BrandQuantum
Employer branding made easy with BrandMail
Employer Branding is growing in importance across the globe, particularly as companies are scrambling to attract and retain the best talent. With remote working being made a reality, in many instances, companies are competing for skills from a global talent pool and offering attractive packages that make it hard for companies to compete. However, companies that have a strong employer brand are likely to win the war for talent in the long run as they offer great employee experiences and create brand ambassadors out of their staff.
To deliver your brand internally, email which is a widely used business tool for internal and external communication can be used to effectively deliver a consistent brand that resonates with employees and contributes to the brand experience. Here are some tips to incorporate your brand into employee emails.

Tip 1: Email signatures are important

Email signatures can be an effective branding tool, building trust amongst recipients. So why wouldn’t you include this valuable piece of branding in your employee branding? Including professionally branded email signatures on internal emails reinforces the brand amongst employees, creating a sense of pride and belonging to the brand.  By using an email signature management tool, emails delivered across the company will be on brand and carry the correct email signature every time.

Tip 2: Use email banners to drive employer branding

Email banners provide a platform to highlight the latest campaigns the company is running and to showcase the company’s successes. As an important audience to your company, emails sent internally to your employees should include these banners as much as emails to your customers should. While email banners aid in building the brand it also empowers employees with knowledge about campaigns that the company is running so that they are better equipped to assist customers with queries and can even proactively share information about the latest campaigns with customers.

Tip 3: Rate your employee experiences and satisfaction levels regularly

It is important to measure the pulse of your organisation from the inside as much as it is to measure customer satisfaction levels. Use the BrandMail Rate My Service tools to measure your employee morale, engagement levels and employee experiences throughout the year and determine what is working well and identify areas for improvement.

Tip 4: Use your digital business card as a branding tool

Digital business cards provide a great opportunity to reinforce your brand and to let your employees experience your brand. With BrandMail’s BrandMe page, employee photos can be included along with the brand elements such as the logo, creating an affiliation to the brand for every employee across the company. Further, these digital business cards enable employees to see other employees’ information such as contact details, designation and qualifications, creating a sense of community and pride amongst employees and helping to increase brand awareness and create brand ambassadors for the company. Each BrandMe page carries a unique QR code, making it easy to share and download the information carried in the digital business card.

It is important that your employees trust your brand and are loyal to your brand. As such, while employer branding requires extensive planning and ongoing initiatives to build the brand, email provides a cost-effective tool that can be added to the mix to improve employer branding amongst employees, helping to drive employee retention rates and create brand ambassadors that engage your customers in every interaction. By using an email signature management tool, emails delivered across the company will be on brand and carry the correct email signature, banners, surveys and digital business card every time to enhance your employee experience.

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