Tips to freshen up your brand this spring

11.10.2022 03:55 PM By BrandQuantum
BrandQuantum Tips to Freshen up your Brand this Spring

The Southern Hemisphere is enjoying the site of new buds and brightly coloured blossoms as the first signs of spring emerge. This signals the time to spring clean, declutter and reorganise. Use this season to breathe new life into your brand, update your brand elements and discard outdated branded materials. See our tips below to help you through the process of freshening up your brand:

Tip1: Check your letterheads

Outdated letterheads can often float around an organisation without being noticed. Yet in a desperate attempt to send an urgent letter out, these letterheads often end up resurfacing, found in old emails or discovered on individual desktops before appearing in your customer’s hands or inbox.
To prevent letterheads from being sent out with the logo or previous address and telephone number or worse yet, with the former director’s details and no sign of the new director’s details, go through your shared folders and files and remove all these old letterheads. 
It is also valuable to check that the current letterhead has the correct logo, make sure it is in the right position on the page and prints out correctly, and check and recheck the contact details and director’s information. Once you are happy with the letterhead, share it with the organisation to ensure that all staff have access to the latest version of the company letterhead and other divisional letterheads.

Tip 2: Revive your email signatures 

Approximately 333.2 billion emails are sent daily.  These are not all necessarily sent from your company but you wouldn’t want your email to get lost in the crowd. While email signatures carry valuable contact information that recipients may appreciate, they also provide an ideal branding platform to show off your brand. Email signatures also need to be given a fresh new look to continue to grab your recipient’s attention and reinforce your brand in every email correspondence your employees have with your customers. Once you’ve refreshed your company email signature, remember to share it across the organisation and ensure that every staff member is using the same version of the email signature to drive brand consistency.

Tip 3: Clean up your PowerPoint slide decks

PowerPoint decks have an uncanny ability to increase in slide numbers over time. Every employee that has worked on the company presentation slides, has added their own personal touch and flair to provide relevant and up-to-date information to the audience. Often these decks start to carry too much information and the pertinent points get lost. Not to mention that pretty pictures that don’t resemble the brand and strange fonts get added to give the presentation more visual appeal.

Spend some time going through the slides and determine what information is important and what information can be deleted without losing valuable insight. Check the font, font colour and font size across all the slides to ensure brand consistency and remove any images that do not align with the brand. Once the deck is up-to-date, give employees access to the latest versions of the slide decks and remove any former versions that are saved in share drives or folders. 

Tip 4: Declutter your templates and documents

Templates and documents can often get tampered with and changed throughout the year. Spend some time going through the sales decks, proposal templates, contracts and other marketing materials and documents to ensure that they are aligned to the brand. Check brand elements from the logo to the font and make sure the font type, colour and sizes are correctly used across all templates and documents.

In addition to checking the brand elements, look for any outdated versions of the company templates and documents and remove them from share folders to prevent employees from accessing and using them in future.Maintaining branded materials is a time-intensive process but it is necessary to ensure brand consistency in all customer correspondence and should be done regularly. 

With BrandOffice company documents, templates, presentations and spreadsheets can be compiled, modified and saved centrally before sharing them across the organisation to be accessed via the BrandMail Ribbon in Word, PowerPoint and Excel. With BrandOffice, only the most up-to-date templates and content is available to employees, and it includes added security features such as content locking for specific content parts while expiry dates, audit logs and content owners ensure governance and compliance.

BrandMail helps companies to deliver consistently branded emails across email platforms carrying tamperproof email signatures that link to fully customisable digital business cards. BrandMail allows brand teams to centrally manage the complete email template, including body font, colour, size and colour theme across multiple brands and shared mailboxes.

By using an email signature and document management tool, branding teams can manage their brands centrally and empower employees to deliver a consistent brand, improve customer experiences and help improve brand recognition and build brand trust.