BrandQuantum announces Dynamics E.V. Sponsorship for email signature consistency

07.05.2022 09:38 PM By Paula Sartini - Comment(s)

BrandQuantum is delighted to partner with Dynamics E.V., Formula Student Team of the OTH Regensburg, by sponsoring its email branding software solution BrandMail Web, to help the university deliver consistently branded emails. 

BrandQuantum achieves Microsoft IP Co-Sell status

18.12.2021 02:19 PM By BrandQuantum - Comment(s)

BrandQuantum, a South African-based software company that delivers a cloud-based, secure and modular platform to help companies achieve brand consistency across all Microsoft programmes, has today announced that it has achieved Microsoft IP Co-Sell status. In addition to this, BrandMail is a Microso...

BLOG | Typography: Providing brand consistency across all communications

04.08.2021 08:29 AM By BrandQuantum - Comment(s)

As you read this article, you may notice the typography which was carefully selected to reflect our brand throughout this text. On the other hand, you may not have, as typography is a more subtle part of branding that does not necessarily grab your immediate attention. However, when used consistentl...

BrandQuantum updates BrandMe pages to allow for greater customisation

03.04.2021 07:25 PM By Paula Sartini - Comment(s)

3 April 2021 - BrandQuantum today announced updates to its BrandMe page solution within BrandMail. The BrandMe page, which is opened by clicking on the sender’s email signature and acts as a digital business card, now includes a header banner feature and additional fields that allow for...


27.11.2020 03:25 PM By BrandQuantum - Comment(s)

There are several factors today that can cause serious reputational damage to brands, these range from social media to fake news to cyberattacks. As such companies must have measures in place to minimize the possibility of reputational damage. Brand consistency, which is critical to es...

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