BrandStream®, developed by BrandQuantum, ensures your employees never miss an important announcement again. Centralise desktop wallpapers and screensavers for effective and consistent brand messaging and communicate with your organisation using dedicated and effective brand channels. Leverage videos and surveys and consolidate real-time feedback to provide predictive analytics.

 BrandStream delivers:

Centrally managed desktop wallpapers and screensavers with immediate push or scheduled to user groups

Instantly send announcements, news and events

Message prioritisation allows “Important” messages to appear in front of open applications until acknowledged

Include document attachments and links to videos

One admin console for centralised brand management

Cloud based administration across companies, divisions and toolbars

Detailed audit logs and reporting which may be correlated across the complete BrandQuantum suite for additional business insights 



Develop email signatures in line with your brand specifications which look consistent, no matter which device or platform they are viewed on. Your signatures are tamper-proof and centrally managed. More importantly, users see their signatures, banners and surveys when they create, reply or forward emails. BrandMail does not reroute your emails via any external servers and does not append rules to your exchange environment. It works directly within Microsoft Outlook.

Leverage every email as an opportunity to brand consistently and minimise the security risks associated with the tampering of HTML signatures.

How consistent are your email signatures across different devices? Whether Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo or other BrandMail signatures display exactly as you intend them to.


BrandMail allows you to design your email signatures using your primary font (i.e. a non-Windows standard font)


BrandMail creates signatures which are not editable by recipients of emails (preventing phishing and spoofing). Your users are also only able to edit the fields for which they have the correct permissions to edit. e.g. lock fields such as Job Title for added organisational compliance and governance. 

Ensure brand security by locking all elements of email signatures including fonts, job titles, addresses, etc. to minimise phishing scams, passing off and increasing adherence to brand governance and business compliance. 

Is your email signature solution really tamper-proof? If you can copy and paste the information on a signature (Left) it is NOT tamper-proof. BrandMail signatures (Right) cannot be edited without the correct permissions.

Through BQBrandMe® users can update personal information for which they have permissions for and provide email recipients with additional details such as links to social media platforms, birthdays, qualifications, certifications and more. User information neatly downloads as a full contact business card to the recipient’s chosen device, whether Windows, Android or Mac. Print-ready business cards are a bonus!

Brand security, compliance and peace-of mind. Provide recipients of your organisation’s emails with the assurance that the email they have received originates from a valid user within your organisation. Enhance security by displaying validated user information and allow recipients to view important information such as qualifications and certifications. Print ready business cards save your organisations thousand of $ in typesetting and inefficiencies and create brand automation. 

BrandMe pages display additional user information such as qualifications, certifications and google maps and more.
Digital business cards download straight into recipients' devices with all contact information included.


The BQIgnite Admin Console is cloud based and is hosted securely on Microsoft Azure.

Administer your email signatures, user metadata, brand toolbars, attachments, mailers, banners and surveys securely through the console which is available anywhere, anyplace and anytime.
The BQIgnite Admin console allows you to manage and publish all email signatures, banners, surveys and content to the right users at the right time. Full version control and a roll-back feature ensures your templates are always safe and up-to-date.

Different brand user roles allow different users access to different toolbars and documentation.

Give your team access to toolbars, documents and content relevant to them.
Manage access to different signatures, content, surveys and toolbars for each of your users. Different user profiles allow access to content and administration, based on each user's needs.

Give toolbar users access to required brand resources directly from within Outlook. Client facing users have quick access to brand collateral, forms, links to websites and videos, etc. 

Ensure business compliance and governance by giving users access to the latest versions of marketing collateral, images and content. As your library grows always keep your users up-to-date and minimise the risk of users incorrect or out-of date information. Save users time and create efficiencies through easy access to content. 

Brand Resources provides access to the latest version of your content from within Outlook. Even when they are working offline.
Create brand themes and brand style sets and share these with your users on the fly. Create multiple base templates as well as standards for tables and charts. Apply style sets to emails.

Ensure consistency of emails at the most granular level. Implement changes to brand styles quickly and effectively.

Create and publish brand themes and style sets. Brand themes allow users to to apply the right brand theme for the right email application.
Mail templates are an exciting feature which provide users with mail templates, as well as content snippets which they can use when writing new emails or replying to existing emails. Mail templates are managed by administrators and appear perfectly formatted in HTML when recipients view them on desktop or mobile devices. 

Provide your users with professionally designed mailers and save thousands of dollars in outsourced fees for e-mailers. Ensure your users answer consistently and timeously to customers by giving them access to pre-written content and mailers. 

Mail templates create efficiency and a consistent Brand Voice for your users.
Create brand themes and brand style sets and share these with your users on the fly. Create multiple base templates as well as standards for tables and charts. Apply style sets to emails.
Complete brand control by administrators of every element of email signatures. Changes required are made centrally and they filter through to every user, without any intervention required by end-users. Any changes to brand can be pre-scheduled to appear as and when required.
The signature template designer allows administrators to control every aspect of the signature design as well as the body of the email. Admins can make changes and publish changes to signatures in real-time.
How can you ensure that recipients of your organisation's emails have not tampered with the content that your users are sending? BrandMail adds a security layer to your email content and allows your users to verify whether the content they have sent has been tampered with or not. 

Increase your security and decrease the risk of email tampering. Add visibility of tampering with emails. 

Increase mail security and verification through BrandMail's Mail Verify.

Centrally manage statutory information such as company details, disclaimers and terms and conditions. Need different disclaimers for different business units or regions? No problem. 

Ensure business compliance and manage the business risks associated with out-dated or incorrect company information. Safeguard your brand integrity and commercial security.


Customisable synchronisation intervals to keep your branding up to date. Customisable reporting.

Flexible synchronisation intervals allow you to cater for periods of high brand change such as brand launches or macro-economic legislative changes.


How do you ensure your users always access the correct information? Make sure they can find what they are looking for easily and quickly. 

Brand Search allows users to search for content, slides, templates, etc right from within the BrandOffice ribbon, saving time and creating efficiencies. 

Search for content right from within the BrandMail ribbon. Brand Search performs the relevant action. e.g. find a content insert, BrandMail will drop it in. Find a PDF, BrandMail will attach it to your email.

Real-time audit trail of user activity, documentation generation and content usage.

Detailed reports provide valuable information regarding usage of toolbars and documentation. Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of users and reward your brand champions. Quantify your brand integrity ROI.


As a cloud based solution, BrandMail® is quickly and easily set-up and deployed.

Get your users up and running in no time, and dynamically manage email signatures, banners, toolbars, surveys and content as your brand changes and grows. Rapid return on your brand investment.