BrandQuantum continues to be recognized by G2 as best meeting requirements for the seventh consecutive season

03.11.2022 09:59 PM By BrandQuantum
G2 Fall 2022 | BrandMail Again Best Meets Requirementss

G2 awards BrandMail winner of Best Meets Requirements for the Seventh Consecutive Season

In the G2 Fall 2022 awards, BrandMail has been named winner of Best Meets Requirements in the Email Signature category for the seventh consecutive season.  G2 is the largest peer review platform in the world, helping over 5 million people to make informed technology purchasing decisions through over 1 million authentic, timely reviews from real users.

According to Paula Sartini, founder and CEO at BrandQuantum, “We are so grateful to our customers for their continued support and the feedback they provide. Our customers are a critical part of the co-creation of our offerings. We appreciate the dialogue we have with our customers and believe that the requests and input we receive from them is key to us continuing to deliver value. Our development team also deserves to be recognised for their consistent commitment and dedication to excellence and to translating our customers' feedback and requests into solutions that our customers love,” adds Sartini.

Most recently BrandQuantum has developed new features for BrandMail including its latest Mail Campaign offering which was created as a result of customers asking for an easier and quicker way to send email campaigns and newsletters without compromising on data security and privacy. Another exciting feature is the addition of Social Media Banners that will alert email recipients to various social media pages and can be rotated to showcase specific social pages and campaigns, including personal calendar links.

Since its inception in 2014, BrandQuantum has developed software solutions to help companies overcome their brand consistency challenges. In working closely with its customers to identify key brand consistency pain points throughout organisations, BrandMail helps to deliver consistency across all email signatures, banners, content and more. 
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