BrandQuantum announces Dynamics E.V. Sponsorship for email signature consistency

07.05.2022 09:38 PM By BrandQuantum

BrandQuantum sponsors BrandMail Web to Dynamics E.V. to deliver consistent email signatures

BrandQuantum sponsors BrandMail Web to Dynamics E.V. to deliver consistent email signatures

BrandQuantum is delighted to partner with Dynamics E.V., Formula Student Team of the OTH Regensburg, by sponsoring its email branding software solution BrandMail Web, to help the university deliver consistently branded emails. 

BrandQuantum Sponsors Dynamics EV with BrandMail

According to Paula Sartini, founder and CEO at BrandQuantum, “Brand consistency is key to reinforcing a company’s brand values, establishing a relationship of trust, and meeting customer expectations. In the case of Dynamics E.V., brand consistency is fundamental to its ability to gain support and funding from the community as well as attract new students to the university.”

Jakob Nirschl, sub team leader sponsorship at Dynamics E.V., says, “When the Covid-19 pandemic hit we needed to move our business online, introducing Teams and email to our students and team members. As we didn’t have an email signature, I also needed to find a sponsor that would be able to offer an easy-to-use solution for Webmail. I was delighted when BrandQuantum responded to my request for sponsorship within five minutes of sending the email.”

“Since the first email response from BrandQuantum to the initial meeting and the subsequent BrandMail Web solution roll-out, we have thoroughly enjoyed our interaction with the team. Not only was BrandMail Web quick and easy to implement and use across the company, but the email signatures also look great and the animated banners are eye-catching and getting a lot of attention from our recipients.

“We believe that the work that Dynamics E.V. does for the community is invaluable and we are thrilled that we can assist the organisation in delivering consistently branded emails which are so important in helping the university to gain trust and support from its sponsors and attract new students,” concludes Sartini. 

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