BrandQuantum updates BrandMe pages to allow for greater customisation

03.04.2021 07:25 PM By BrandQuantum
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3 April 2021 - BrandQuantum today announced updates to its BrandMe page solution within BrandMail. The BrandMe page, which is opened by clicking on the sender’s email signature and acts as a digital business card, now includes a header banner feature and additional fields that allow for greater customisation and personalisation for companies and their employees.

According to Paula Sartini, founder and CEO at BrandQuantum, “Companies are looking for ways to showcase and reinforce their brands amongst their customers. With the latest updates to the BrandMe page, marketing departments have greater control over the branding elements within the page and the fields that they would like to include such as links to social media pages or calendars to book appointments as well as biographies and accolades. In essence, the BrandMe page is a fully digital business card with so much more information about the sender and the company.”

While branding is important for customers, employer branding is an important component to attracting and retaining the right staff. This is supported by LinkedIn research which found that over 80% of leaders acknowledge that employer branding has a significant impact on a company’s ability to hire talent.

Sartini adds, “Employer branding is becoming more important for companies to attract and retain the right employees. At the same time, companies are realising the benefits of allowing employees to personalise details and showcase their individuality within the parameters of the brand they represent.”

With the BrandMe page, marketing departments can manage the BrandMe page fields and content centrally, giving them full control to upload header banners, visually bring the page in line with their brand, or change content as needed. Employees also have the flexibility to manage and control elements within the BrandMe page such as including a personal biography or demonstrate social diversity by listing the pronouns they identify with.”

“With customer’s expectations evolving, people want to know who they are speaking to and an email signature provides a simple and affordable mechanism to make this happen,” adds Sartini. “By adding more detail to the BrandMe page, there is greater transparency about the sender of the email which gives the recipient more information to establish a relationship of trust in the brand.” 

BrandQuantum | BrandMe page Example and digital business card

BrandMe pages provide more information about the person and organisation an email recipient is interacting with, ensuring greater transparency and peace of mind. Organisations can allow employees to add a personal bio and image, qualifications, awards, maps, as well as easy access to book a meeting. The BrandMe page is a full digital business card which easily downloads into any device.