Press: BrandQuantum launches animated banners for BrandMail

01.05.2021 09:41 PM By BrandQuantum - Comment(s)

BrandQuantum today announced the availability of animated banners within its BrandMail solution. This means that email banners can now be uploaded as animated GIFs and centrally managed through the BQIgnite platform. These eye-catching banners break through the content clutter and can work on any de...

BrandQuantum updates BrandMe pages to allow for greater customisation

03.04.2021 07:25 PM By BrandQuantum - Comment(s)

3 April 2021 - BrandQuantum today announced updates to its BrandMe page solution within BrandMail. The BrandMe page, which is opened by clicking on the sender’s email signature and acts as a digital business card, now includes a header banner feature and additional fields that allow for...

BrandQuantum introduces Multilanguage offering 

31.08.2020 07:07 PM By BrandQuantum - Comment(s)

Johannesburg, 31 August 2020 - BrandQuantum today launched its Multilanguage ribbon offering which it developed to meet the needs of its growing global user base. The Multilanguage ribbon is now available in over 60 languages including Afrikaans, Mandarin, Arabic and German across BrandQuantum’s ful...