Tips to freshen up your brand this spring

11.10.2022 03:55 PM By BrandQuantum - Comment(s)

The Southern Hemisphere is enjoying the site of new buds and brightly coloured blossoms as the first signs of spring emerge. This signals the time to spring clean, declutter and reorganise. Use this season to breathe new life into your brand, update your brand elements and discard outdated branded m...

BrandQuantum wins Best International Cloud-Based Brand Consistency Platform in Africa

05.10.2021 02:44 PM By BrandQuantum - Comment(s)

BrandQuantum has been named Best International Cloud-Based Brand Consistency Platform and received the Customer Service Excellence Award in the 2021 MEA Markets African Excellence Awards. The MEA Market Awards recognise entrepreneurs, innovative professionals and industry leaders from a variety of s...

EMINETRA | Why brand health matters

03.09.2021 11:18 AM By BrandQuantum - Comment(s)
The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world and consumer needs have evolved accordingly. Consumers are more discerning now than they were a year ago and what they wanted from brands before may no longer matter to them today.

MODERN MARKETING | Brand Consistency Is A Key Driver Of Business Success

30.05.2021 08:44 AM By BrandQuantum - Comment(s)

Article first published on on 26 May 2021, written by Paula Sartini

Paula Sartini, founder and CEO at BrandQuantum, says many companies do not have content governance systems in place to manage brand templates, documents, presentations or content. This results in duplicatio...